We are very much aware of the privilege we have in being born into an environment that enables us to live in peace and social security. Equipped with the talents required, but also with that portion of luck, which is necessary as well, we are in a position to take on the responsibility for our own lives.

Bearing this awareness in mind, we support the following project which has since become a matter very close to our heart.

A children’s home for Paratwada

Paratwada is a province in Central India and one of the poorest areas on the sub-continent.

If children are orphaned there, it is usually the case that they cannot be cared for by relatives. They have to look after themselves, live on the street and quite often after a short time they may die of malnutrition or other illnesses.

To change this situation the Indian pastor, Dr. Johannes Maliekal set up the organization Melghat Development Society (MDS) in 1995, investing his entire private fortune into building a social and children’s centre.

28 villages are managed from this centre, which includes children’s homes, a plantation and several utility rooms.

Currently 120 children (60 girls and 60 boys) live in the centre, where they receive regular meals, medical care and additional tutoring. In the school, which is about 2 km away, the children can also benefit from a state-approved school education.

Walter Wiese became aware of the project through a business connection to Provost Heinrich Bongard from the parish community St. Mariä Himmelfahrt in Jülich, which is responsible for the coordination of fundraising in Germany. Since 2003, WW-AC has been supporting the society with free planning and consulting work for the various local building projects. Every year Walter Wiese travels to India (at his own expense) to personally check out the construction work on site and to initiate anything that is required. Here in Germany, on every possible occasion, Walter Wiese tries to raise funds for the project, which go 100 % to the cause without any deduction of administration or other costs. In the meantime the project has been recognized as a charity by the Missionary Childhood Association (carol singers) in a project partnership. This means that every Euro collected for the MDS is subsidized by 30%. In this way, since 2018 approximately 300,000 Euros have been made available for the project.

If you would like to find out more about this project, we’d be pleased to hear from you and of course be delighted about any donation that reaches us - a tax-deductible receipt will be issued.

Walter Wiese
Fon: +49 (2408) 965120 - E-Mail: info@ww-ac.com


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